House number 13 – are you superstitious? 

A recent study1 suggests that some Brits are superstitious, as homes numbered 13 are valued lower than the average property. 

Over 10 million houses have been analysed, each with a door number between 1–100. It seems many homeowners would like to be number one, as the first house on the street is worth the most – an average of £393,690. This is nearly £40,000 more than homes that have the ‘unlucky’ number 13 on its door. 

Very superstitious? 

Tim Bannister, Property Expert at Rightmove commented on the findings, “The majority of buyers are unlikely to be put off being the owner of a number 13 home, but it’s interesting to see from such a large data set that there do appear to be pockets of Great Britain that are more on the superstitious side.” 

For this reason, some new developers skip the number 13 altogether, just like hotels have been doing for years with rooms and even floors! If you don’t struggle with triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13), you could snap up a bargain in 2024. 

1Rightmove, 2023 

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